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Outdoor Furniture Brisbane » Blog » “How can I buy the best patio furniture for my money?”

“How can I buy the best patio furniture for my money?”

Jarvis 4PC Sofa Set

“How can I buy the best patio furniture for my money?”

Purchasing patio furniture can be stressful. With so many styles, brands and materials to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’re here with some helpful tips on how you can buy the best patio furniture for your money!
The first thing you’ll want to do is take a look at what style of outdoor living space you have. One-of-a-kind pieces are great if you live in an eclectic house but will not work well in a more traditional home. Next, make sure that any new items match the existing décor in your yard (or compliment it!). When purchasing cushions or pillows, try buying them together because they will coordinate better than trying to mix and match –

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Tips on how to buy the best patio furniture –

1. Decide on a budget – do you want to spend more money for the best quality or get something cheaper that will last a few years
2. Determine what type of furniture you want – if you have a small space, consider buying an outdoor sofa and loveseat
3. Consider how often you’ll be using your new patio furniture
4. Read descriptions before purchasing anything online so that there are no surprises when it arrives at your doorstep
6. When shopping for new furniture, look for sales and discounts

Different outdoor furniture materials –


Teak offers a timeless look for any outdoor furniture, it contrasts really well with any fabric and tends to offset any loud colours. Teak is long lasting and will do well in most outdoor spaces but it does require maintenance. Often teak requires care over time with oil and other additives to keep it looking beautiful. Often owners of teak appreciate its look and style and tend not to be bothered so much about the maintenance preferring to think of it as a hobby more than a chore.

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Aluminium offers a strong, durable and modern look without the upkeep, it is often powder coated in carious colours to give it the style that you are looking for. Aluminium offers also a lightweight solution that if made correctly will not rust and likely last much longer than any other solution. The only drawback for aluminium is it tends to cost more than any other material, its manufacturing process and base materials tend to both take longer to make and cost more to build however as it lasts longer the value returned is spread over a much longer period.

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Wicker / PE

Wicker tends to be the material of choice for most people, it is cheap lightweight and requires little to no maintenance. Wicker is by far the most commonly used material in outdoor furniture, the reason being is it tends to stand up to direct sunlight without needing maintenance and for the initial cost outlay the fear of an expensive outdoor lounge to the elements is reduced. Wicker however tends not to be very radical with their designs and most manufacturers choose the designs based on how easy it can be flat packed which limits how they look.

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The right size of furniture for a space is not always an easy decision, but understanding the different materials and how they will wear over time can help. Wicker may be cheaper than teak or aluminium at first glance, but it won’t last as long due to its natural fibres which are susceptible to sun damage. Teak and aluminium have been proven to last up to 40 years with minimal maintenance required. If you want furniture that will stand out from your neighbours’ while also being low-maintenance so you don’t need a gardener’s salary just for outdoor furnishings, take a look at our Outdoor Furniture Range!