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4 steps to decorating your pool side

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4 steps to decorating your pool side

Summer is the time to take advantage of all the outdoor activities your home has to offer. And what’s more inviting than a swimming pool in your backyard? If you’re looking to spruce up your pool side this season, follow these simple tips!


1. Choose the right furniture

It does seem simple enough however finding the right furniture to suit a poolside is anything but. With a range of things to consider having the right pieces can be the difference between a relaxing and inviting space or just an area you would prefer to avoid. Poolside furniture is unique in its practical requirements than other outdoor pieces, it must be able to withstand both the climate and the activity. Good poolside outdoor furniture will need to be both weather resistant and waterproof for example a sun lounge will need to include water and UV resistant cushion covers as you will likely be baking away on it after a nice relaxing dip in the pool. Its frames will also need to be designed to withstand the harsh space as it will be in full sun when not being used. Another thing to consider if your space, these days a pool is often made to take up as much space that is available leaving little space for much else. Having the right pieces for the space is important as you might only be able to fit a small seating set or table and chairs.

Poolside Outdoor Furniture

2. Add some accessories

Accessories are the key to making your poolside space absolutely shine! If done right they can provide both a practical use as well as look amazing. Some great poolside accessories to consider would be an outdoor storage box or cabinet to hold all those items that you will no doubt want close at hand such as towels and sunscreen. As well as storage decorating your items with some outdoor cushions and throw blankets are an ideal way to make the space feel comfortable and homey. And finally when the lights go down nothing beats some moody floor lanterns or solar lamps that will illuminate your area for those lovely summer nights under the stars.

3. Hang some lights

Lighting is key to the look and feel of your poolside space, without them the space is only usable during the day and lets be honest the night is where it really gets fun. Providing some lighting to your area enables you to use the space at anytime and also adds to the amazing ambiance of having a lovely pool. String lights are a must have in this kind of space, they offer just enough light to illuminate the space and not bright enough to wash the area out, they are also romantic and easy to install. As well as String lights you may want to have some solar lanterns and foot lights to add to the drama around the space, lanterns offer a great way to highlight areas of your space you want to really show off without putting a spotlight on it. Finally if you are confident with them some tiki torches could really add to the drama and make your poolside feel more like a tropical resort than a home.

4. Plant some flowers or trees

And finally no outdoor space is complete without adding the greenery. It goes without saying that the right plants and trees can make or break any space and a poolside area is no exception. Knowing which plants are going to work well or not is an art in itself so we recommend talking to your local landscape artist or nursey to get the best idea of which plants will work. Having said that we can suggest some nice pots and planters that would be idea for any space. We also recommend using them sparingly as they can become a nightmare to manage once they really start growing. Keeping the plants well trimmed and maintained is key as unkept greens will be detrimental to the space and make it look neglected.

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